Energizing Insets with Adrian

Adrian’s Insets are the perfect way to bring teacher together through effective team building workshops. Playing to your strengths can often be a great way to approach teaching a new group of pupils. Using familiar techniques which have been a success in the past can often be effective with another class. Although sometimes…this might not always work. In which case, it’s always good to have a back up tools to utilise if initial ideas aren’t quite working. Insets with Adrian can equip you with new tools and techniques!

Teacher and writer Tom Starkey, explains the importance of  why ” Teachers should play to their strengths and not rest on their laurels”.

We can help teachers play to their strengths or strengthen their weaknesses through Adrian’s Insets! Let Adrian work with your teachers to bring out the best in them and expand their teaching techniques. Anyone who has seen ‘Ady’ in action with children will know that his enigmatic approach to teaching is infectious and will revitalise anyone who takes part in his sessions with the motivation to further their learning.

 Take a look at how some of our Bigfoot schools have benefited from Adrian’s Insets:

“Adrian’s energiser was superb! Right on message for the start of the year in terms of behaviour, routines and expectations. In addition it was fun, energetic and did exactly what it said on the tin! Staff were inspired and discussed the session for the rest of the week! “ Daniel Upfield, Headteacher, Ark Atwod Primary School – Energiser Inset Booking

“Adrian, was fantastic, what a positive start to the year. He made us all have fun together and enjoy a day that is usually very difficult” Annette Rook, Lawdale Junior School – Inset Day Booking

“I don’t think I have ever seen anyone so perfectly suited to their job. Everyone around school and in the staffroom has been talking about how amazingly energised, fun and inspiring Adrian and the workshops were for staff and the children. We loved them.“

For more information on Adrian’s Insets, please take a look here or contact natalie@bigfootartseducation.co.uk