Anti Bullying Week Training Success!

On Thursday 1st November we ran our yearly anti bullying programme training day in readiness for Anti Bullying Week 2018. And we are delighted to report that not only was it a huge success, but that our facilitators are now feeling better equipped than ever to work with our schools due to crucial input from our wonderful Partners at Kidscape!

With Bigfooters from London, Wales, Brighton, the South, and North East regions all in attendance, our trainers Adrian Benn, Gail Clark and Lizzie Clancy were ready to work through the themes and challenges involved with delivering PSHE work of this nature in primary schools. However, this year we were also joined by Helen Beecher Bryant, from the inspiring anti bullying charity Kidscape, in order to gain their input about best practise when advising children about bullying behaviour, what it is and what it means, as well as how students can seek help.

Kidscape’s input was invaluable and we thank them profusely for helping us to contextualise this subject matter so succinctly for our facilitators. We only use our most experienced Bigfooters for sensitive PSHE programmes such as this. However, to be able to recap on what are the most important factors to bear in mind when engaging young people in activities and discussions around bullying proved vital, and will continue to do so in the coming weeks.

We can’t wait to launch our new programme ‘The Bigger Picture 2; Respect’ next week, along with a new ‘Respect’ workshop and refreshed ‘This is Me’ workshop for KS2, and ‘I like myself’ workshops for KS1. If you haven’t yet read about what we have on offer, look no further: PRIMARY ANTI BULLYING PROGRAMMES 2018