Bigfoot’s Lockdown Legends!

Whilst on lockdown we can’t be doing what we love doing most – bringing fun, creative learning into your classrooms. Therefore, we have got together with some of our wonderfully talented Bigfooters to create some short and inspirational sessions for KS1 and KS2, designed to be slotted into your existing home learning programme.

To see of what exciting creative sessions we have on offer, please watch our trailer HERE and read our menu of courses below:

  • Puppetry with Laura (5 x 5 minute sessions):  Puppeteer Laura will introduce you to the wonderful world of puppetry by helping you learn the 3 basic rules and skill set needed to bring your very own puppet to life.
  • Street Dance with Natalie (5 x 15 minute sessions):   Let us help get your kids energised and motivated by learning a short and fun street dance routine, along with warm up and cool down exercises.
  • Christie’s Tricky Tongue Twisters (5 x 5 minute sessions):   Join Christie for some fun, tricky tongue twister warm ups; a brilliant way to start the day, warm up voices and energise the body and mind.
  • Drama with Lolade (5 x 5 minute sessions):   Let Lolade immerse you in a creative range of activities which are designed to excite, energise and entertain. Activities include a treasure hunt, imaginary journey, funky rhymes and performance poetry.
  • Music with Sally (3 x 5 minute sessions per key stage):  Enjoy music sessions that journey from beats and rhythm, to song and movement with Bigfooter Sally.
  • Laura’s Body Percussion (3 x 5 minute sessions per key stage): These inventive sessions will take you on a body percussion journey to learn how to create, notate and compose a piece using some of our favourite tunes; you just need yourselves and a willingness to HAVE A GO!
  • Character Comedy with Roxanne: (5 x 5 minute sessions):  Join Roxanne to explore how to create comedy characters using imagination and humour through improvisation.
  • A Perfect World (1 x 5 minute session): What if our world was perfect? Is that even possible? What would it look like? Journey with Roxanne to create, draw and label your own perfect world at home.
  • Mini Dance Party (1 x 8 minute session): Come and join us for a fun mini dance party right here, right now.. wherever you are! Dress up and put your dancing shoes on; let’s get active, and keep positive for this great little end of day/week treat!


  • Individual Course: £75 + VAT each
  • Buy all seven short courses: £400 + VAT
  • Perfect World: £20 or FREE when you buy two courses or more
  • Mini Dance Party: £20 or FREE when you buy three courses or more

Book any course now using our simple online form HERE. You can pay via card payment or BACS via invoice.

Please contact Karl on 07525777310 or email if you have any questions.