We are NOT your typical part-time theatre school. We do not see theatre as an hour of signing, dancing and acting each week. Our focus is on ‘creating’. Therefore a typical BYT class is two-hours of full on creativity that is structured into three 12-week termly courses. Each course focuses on a specific creative learning journey.

Term 1: STORY MAKER TERM (12 weeks)

Become your own creative visionary and learn theatre skills including acting, mask and comedy, resulting in a 10 minute devised piece of work and an installation of artwork and costume designs.

Term 2: STAGE STOMPER TERM (12 weeks)

Work with a professional director on a scripted play. Our Bigfooters will learn all about the play making process from page to stage. Plays will be performed in a studio theatre.

Term 3: TALE SPINNER TERM (12 weeks)

Using their new theatrical visionary skills our Bigfooters will now put a unique twist on a classic tale.

The company will choose a book, film, poem or short story and stage a production inspired by a specialist masterclass with a professional company and a theatre trip to see quality devised theatre in action.

This term puts our eyes and ears on the future of theatre and it’s where our Bigfooters become true innovators of storytelling.

Being part of a ‘Company’.

We believe in theatre made with and for young people with community at the heart of what we do. Bigfooters will build and develop their own arts community at BYT. They make the rules. They make the work and everyone involved will play an important part. Bigfoot does more than just teach drama, creativity and theatre practice, we provide the tools for young people to develop positive working relationships and use this as a bedrock for making ideas and stuff happen. After all that’s what theatre is. Ideas happening.

Non-pressured environment and high five moments

We think kids have enough pressures to deal with at school and in life. We don’t wish to add to those by being prescriptive. Where’s the fun in that? So at BYT success happens every time we see a spark of an original idea. That for us is a high five moment! And our young Bigfooters will have plenty of those. Because ideas are won and owned by the group, there is no pressure to feel our members are competing with each other.

Extra Stuff

BYT Socials
We’re dedicated to establishing a strong sense of community at BYT and will hold events just for our members to get to know each other better.

Theatre Trips
Watching theatre and appreciating it is all part of the theatre making experience and we shall run periodical trips to see cutting edge theatre.

Student appraisals & parent feedback reports
Our members will always be encouraged to express their opinions and we will hold appraisal sessions where members can feed back to us about themselves and the course. Parents will receive an end of year report on their child so they can be involved in their child’s progress.

New Era Exams
Students can opt to take New Era Exams, which are UCAS weighted and can count towards future study. School holiday projects We will hold holiday master classes in Junk percussion, Puppetry and filmmaking to name a few. Courses are available to everyone and are often led by what students are interested in! (Discount rates apply for our BYT course members)