Cyber Safety; Safer Internet Day

Bigfoot are proud to support the UK Safer Internet Centre in providing high quality cyber safety education opportunities, not only for Safer Internet Day, but all year round!



Our range of assembly and workshop programmes enable children, young people and their families to work together to explore how to create a better internet for the future. With a strong focus on being kind and respectful to others, as well as exploring how to protect their online presence and seek out positive opportunities and experiences, these programmes are the perfect forum in which to engage, discuss, and educate each other about the internet.



(45 minute assembly plus 4 x 1 hour workshops for KS2)

Meet Gus, just your average school spider who cruises the school’s ‘world wide web’ trying to protect students from online harm. Cue ‘Bip’, a fun, caring, and entertaining caretaker who has been worried about some of the things that have been happening in school recently, both online, at home, and in class.
Through this engaging assembly and workshops, they will both help students explore the following SMARTY rules:

• S-AFETY: Using safety mechanisms such as privacy settings and passwords.
• M-EAN MACHINES: Understanding what cyber bullying is
• A-WARENESS: Being aware of the dangers of sharing your personal information with others.
• R-ULES: Putting some rules in place so that we can manage our screen time.
• T-ELLING: Knowing when it’s time to get support if you witness, say or do anything online that makes you feel uncomfortable.
• Y-OU: Understanding that in order to be Cyber Smart, it has to start and end with YOU.


(5 x 45 minute workshops for EYFS & KS1)

Boo, the Bigfoot Bunny, is so excited to play games, watch videos and find out information on the new family tablet. But Boo soon finds it all a bit overwhelming – Should he click on the
message that keeps popping up? How can Boo find the right safe video to watch? And what about the people that are being unkind to each other on Boo’s favourite game? Can you help Boo make the right decisions when using the internet?

This programme includes an introductory 20 minute interactive assembly, as well as a specially designed 45 minute workshops for both EYFS and KS1, so that they can explore the following key
aspects and, as identified within the story, ‘FIVE RULES’, about cyber safety:
• What it is to be kind online
• What to do if you feel unsafe
• How to limit the time you spend online


(Up to 5 x 1 hour Workshops for KS2)

Bigfoot’s ‘Cyber Safety’ workshops encourage children to consider how to stay safe online, how we share information and connect with others safely, as well as the consequences of negative behaviour. A brilliantly positive, fun and informative experience for students to safely explore a serious issue facing all young people today.

Bigfoot’s ‘Cyber Bullying’ workshops focus specifically on the causes, effects and consequences of negative behaviour online. Students will be encouraged, through a range of role play and storytelling activities, to identify the differences between ‘cyber bullying’ and ‘face to face’ bullying and to understand the devastating effects a simple action online can have on both the victim and the perpetrator.