Cyber Safety; Safer Internet Day

Bigfoot are proud to support the UK Safer Internet Centre and Kidscape in providing high quality cyber safety education opportunities, not only for Safer Internet Day, but all year round!


Our range of assembly and workshop programmes enable children, young people and their families to work together to explore how to create a better internet for the future. With a strong focus on being kind and respectful to others, as well as exploring how to protect their online presence and seek out positive opportunities and experiences, these programmes are the perfect forum in which to engage, discuss, and educate each other about the internet.

The Gamesmaster

(Up to 3 x 1.5 hour workshops for Years 2-6)

Download ‘The Gamesmaster’ flier

This is a brilliantly positive, fun and informative experience that will not only have your classes ‘buzzing’ but will serve as a sharp reminder that we are ALL responsible for our online safety.

‘The Games Master’ fully harnesses our belief that at the heart of all high quality learning experiences is the opportunity for children to actively engage with people, places and situations. By encouraging students to become part of the story, we can help them to understand more intricately about themselves and the world in which they live. So whether it’s being used for internet safety awareness, a ‘stunning starter’ or ‘fabulous finish’, or simply as a class treat…’The Games Master’ ticks all the boxes!

Be A Smarty

(45 minute assembly plus 4 x 1 hour workshops for KS2)

Be a Smarty explores online safety through a light hearted, inclusive approach. Smarty is a shy but clever sweet tube who; Gus is a superhero spider who cruises the school’s ‘world wide web’ to ensure students are safe online. Together they help students Sam and Dani navigate their way through the complex issues of privacy settings and passwords, as well as the consequences of cyber bullying.

Caught in the Net

(45 minute assembly  plus 4 x 1 hour workshops for KS2)

Bigfoot’s innovative assembly performance ‘Caught in the Net’ explores cyber bullying and its’ effects through the story of George, Danielle, Cool School Mouse and Tina Tablet. A clever and captivating storytelling performance which children and teachers will find both entertaining and informative!

Boo the Bunny Learns to Surf Safely

(15 minute assembly plus 6 x 45 minute workshops for EYFS & KS1)

Boo, the Bigfoot Bunny, is so excited to play games, watch videos
and find out information on the new family tablet; but Boo soon
finds it all a bit overwhelming. Can you help Boo make the
right decisions when using the internet?

This is the perfect opportunity to introduce younger students to simple internet safety messages

Cyber Workshops

(Up to 4 x 1 hour Workshops for KS2)

Bigfoot’s ‘Cyber Safety’ workshops encourage children to consider how to stay safe online, how we share information and connect with others safely, as well as the consequences of negative behaviour. A brilliantly positive, fun and informative experience for students to safely explore a serious issue facing all young people today.

Bigfoot’s ‘Cyber Bullying’ workshops focus specifically on the causes, effects and consequences of negative behaviour online. Students will be encouraged, through a range of role play and storytelling activities, to identify the differences between ‘cyber bullying’ and ‘face to face’ bullying and to understand the devastating effects a simple action online can have on both the victim and the perpetrator.