Creative Buzz Days; Supply Cover

We are the ‘go to’ company for many Primary schools to cover their teacher absences, whether ad-hoc, planned or unplanned. Whatever the reason, teachers know that when our Bigfooters enter the classroom, something magical will start to happen!

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Buzz Days

By engagement through drama, children are able to retain and process information in a completely different way in order to develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Our Bigfooters can not only help reach those children who are less able to focus and concentrate in normal classroom settings, but they enable all children to thrive and achieve through active participation.

Some schools use us to launch a curriculum topic at the start of term in order to get their children ‘buzzed up’ and ready to learn. Others contact us to book one off days that will cover a class teacher’s absence, and many use us at the end of term as a special treat to say a big ‘well done-go and have some creative fun!’ The bottom line is, you can book a Creative Buzz Day any time; think of it as Creativity on Tap!


We can work with up to 5 class groups in a day from any key stage, and have creative lessons for all curriculum topics covered. Just tell us what you want or, if you are going off curriculum, we can design a bespoke day.


Bigfoot Arts Education Wales is offering a fantastic new package of workshops that can support schools with the implementation of the Digital Competence Framework (DCF).

Each workshop covers aspects of ALL the strands of the framework; although there is a particular focus on the ‘Producing’ strand. Pupils and staff will be supported to develop their skills in using a range of digital software and hardware, combining multimedia components, and producing and editing original digital content.

All workshops have a proven track record in engaging all pupils in the class and improving a breadth of skills across the curriculum, including collaboration, speaking and listening, and writing.