Mental Health & Wellbeing; The Worry Wizard

  • We are thrilled to be working with Amy Smythe, The Worry Wizard herself, in order to ensure ALL young people are equipped to look after their mental health and wellbeing each and every day!



The menu of programmes we have developed together is for EVERYONE. Everyone has Worries, and so everyone can benefit from this unique opportunity. Coupling the therapeutic techniques developed by Amy, with Bigfoot’s own creative approach to working, this proven method of managing children’s emotional Wellbeing is now available to all schools wanting to nurture their student’s mental health. So what can we offer you and your students…?


From Worries to Wellbeing (KS1 & KS2)

(35 minute assembly & 4 x 1 hour workshops)

Comprising of a whole school assembly at the start of the day, plus 4 x 1 hour workshops with selected class groups of 30 students, this programme is the perfect introduction to nurturing ‘Wellbeing’.

I've Got Magic Inside Me (EYFS)

(Up to 5 x 45 minute workshops)

Designed specifically for early years, The Worry Wizard is pleased to be able to support children as young as 4 recognise what they can do to help their Wellbeing Shine. Through story and song, they will begin to explore the language and actions needed to get Active with their Worries.

Worries- We've Got This (KS1 & KS2)

(5 x 1 hour workshops)

Follow on workshops for students who have already taken part in our initial ‘From Worries to Wellbeing’ programme. A great refresher and opportunity to delve deeper into what we can do, Together, to help our Wellbeing Shine.

Here For You (KS1 & KS2)

(2 x 2 hour workshops)

Accompanied by a beautiful animation, this workshop aims to gently guide children and young through conversations about loss and how best to support one another with grief.

From Here To There; Transition (KS2)

(Up to 3 x 90 minute workshops)

Focusing on the move from Primary to Secondary school, these workshops explore how we can best equip ourselves, both physically and emotionally, with the tools needed to navigate change.

Wellbeing Shine Residency (KS1 & KS2)

(12 days with up to 5 x classes per day)

Delivered across a 12 week period, up to 5 x classes will participate in 1 hour weekly sessions with their teachers in order to explore the TEN Worry Wizard Qualities necessary to embed long term emotional resilience.