Safer Internet Day Round Up!

We are delighted to share with you some amazing feedback from this years Safer Internet Day.

From delivering our exciting new ‘Cyber Smart Me’ assemblies and workshops with KS2, to taking our beautiful Bigfoot bunny Boo along to meet KS1 students for our ‘Boo Gets Cyber Smart’ workshops, not to mention our ‘Cyber Safety’ and ‘Cyber Bullying’ workshops! We’ve had a blast and are hopeful that our key cyber smart messages will help keep children safe for many months to come…

Horn Park Primary School; Cyber Smart Me (Cristal Cole)

“Thanks Bigfoot for our really wonderful assembly on Online Safety!”

Ryefield Primary School; Cyber Smart Me (Marshall Stay)

“Marshall connected with the children and was able to deliver important messages in a fun and accessible way. Bigfoot provide a fun, novel, memorable programme which delivers essential knowledge for today’s young people.”

Holy Trinity CoE Primary School; Cyber Smart Me (Ben Armstrong)

“A really fun way to teach cyber safety!”

Hallsville Primary School  Cyber Smart Me  (Marshall Stay)

“Creative and immersive way to teach children key points of E-safety.”

Cavendish Primary School; Cyber Smart Me (Cristal Cole)

“The drama approach to learning is highly effective as it engages all children and gives playful access to very serious subject matter.”

Cleves Primary School; Cyber Smart Me (Ben Armstrong)

“Our younger pupils (Year 3+ 4) in particular enjoyed the assembly! 5 & 6 loved their workshops, which were delivered in a clever, impactful way. We do a lot of learning around online safety at Cleves but the pupils still gained lots of new knowledge through this programme! Good value, Engaging, Informative!”