The Worry Wizard; watch out Worries, we’re coming for you!

The launch of our brand new Wellbeing programme for primary schools with the INCREDIBLY inspiring Worry Wizard is here!

Our launch day was really well received by children and staff at St John’s Highbury Vale Primary School and our Bigfooter Roxanne, who had so many fun things ready to share with all the students, was delighted with the day too!

Teachers had this to say:

‘Wonderful! It is something children need to know about and for adults to learn and observe how to help children ‘

‘It exceeded my expectations and certainly enhanced our students understanding of well-being and highlighted teh importance of taking care of yourself.’

We can’t wait to hear about all the tools the students learnt about to help their Wellbeing to shine. Watch out Worries. We’re coming for you!

Please share and get in touch if you’d like to know more; The Worry Wizard’s hover board is fully charged and ready to travel!