A Successful Phonics and Guided Reading CPD Day!

On Friday 21st April, Bigfoot Arts Education hosted a Professional Development workshop in collaboration with ‘Helping Parents, Helping Children’

Details of the Workshop:

The phonics session, delivered by the lovely and talented Rebecca Cargill, gave Bigfooters an insight into the sounds the letters make, as well as what happens in a typical phonics lesson. They learnt definitions, acronyms and associated terminology that children will be expected to understand, along with tips and tricks for letters that make the same sounds.

Some of our most dedicated and creative Bigfooters worked together to understand techniques that teachers use to help children learn how to read, discovering what encompasses early reading and how a child can develop quickly. They experimented with modern teaching methods, including how to tackle errors and positive reading prompts and learnt a variety of fun and effective reading games to play at home.

And so what did they come away with? Well, a kitbag that is too full to the brim to mention here, but rest assured all attendees can now:

  • Identify what successful readers look like
  • Understand what makes a reader ‘good’
  • Help tackle phonics related errors and give positive prompts
  • Choose the right book for students
  • Give praise and comment re. phonics
  • Deliver phonics based games and tips as part of their workshops


Missed out on this CPD opportunity? Contact Lauren Senatore to find out about our upcoming courses, or to see when we will next be working with Rebecca Cargill again.