This Autumn term, Bigfoot Wales is delighted to offer schools a range of programmes to help bring creativity back into schools. The Expressive Arts is an integral part of the Curriculum for Wales and we are offering a wide variety of programmes that can help meet the requirements of the new curriculum.

Bigfoot Wales is offering workshops that can support schools with the implementation of the Digital Competence Framework (DCF). Our workshops cover aspects of all the strands of the framework; although there is a particular focus on the ‘Producing’ strand, as we support pupils and staff to develop their skills in using a range of digital software and hardware, combining multimedia components, and producing and editing original digital content.


With i stop motion Animation, you can animate anything!

Just give us the theme, story or topic and we will use plasticine, lego, toys and any material that you have handy in class to create short animations with Foundation Phase or KS2 pupils.

Cost: £295 & VAT per day
(1 Class working in small groups throughout the day)



Pupils can create a film or series of trailers using i movie enabling pupils to perform in front of the camera and/or work as part of a camera crew and production team. Schools can book an experienced film maker to turn groups of children into young filmmakers as they produce a film based around any theme, book or topic that the class are working on. Our tutors can include Green Screen special effects giving pupils and staff the opportunity to learn how to use this skill to enhance their digital productions.

Past topics have also included: Transition, Anti bullying, Our School, WW2, Caring for Our World, School Stories.

Cost: £395 & VAT per day (includes editing)
(1 Class working in small groups throughout the day)


Book a second day for KS2 pupils to develop their editing skills using Macs or I pads to put together their final films.

Cost: £250 & VAT per day
(1 Class working in small groups throughout the day)