SMART is an E-Safety mnemonic which inspired our new E-Safety assembly and workshop programme ‘ Be a SMART-E ‘. This programme explores with children online safety through a light hearted, inclusive approach in which children are actively encouraged to reflect on their own online behaviour as well as that of others.

S stands for Safety: Remember to keep passwords and personal information safe from people you speak to online!

M stand for Malicious: Anything harmful or mean that someone puts online is referred to as malicious content. Malicious content can be avoided by not viewing or sharing it but you can report it!

A stands for Awareness: Be aware of who you are speaking to online and your privacy settings. Your privacy settings can be changed so people you don’t know won’t be able to find your location.

R stands for Rules: Create some rules to think carefully about what is and isn’t appropriate to put online. It will help to remember that the internet should be used safely, respectfully and responsibly.

T stands for Telling: Tell an adult your trust, such as a parent, carer or teacher, about anything which makes you feel uncomfortable or if you know about someone being bullied online.

When it comes to online safety, remember to be a SMART-E!