Bigfoot’s Charlie has a ball at Leytonstone Library’s opening event!

Bigfoot teamed up with Leytonstone council to help ensure the opening of their new library went of with a  rocket sized ‘BANG!’

By using Bigfoot’s popular character of ‘Charlie the time traveler’ children and adults were invited on a treasure trail across the library to find lost parts of Charlie’s rocket, collect prizes and, most importantly, discover all that the new library has to offer!

And we are delighted to share the following feedback with you:

“Sunday was AMAZING! I was expecting the first trail to have very few people, so was totally gobsmacked when I saw at around 80 people (children and adults) moving across the library. Our Bigfooters, Nathan and Polly, where great! And Charlie was super! Feedback was excellent from all in attendance including customers, artists talking part and the council managers. The bit of the trail that I saw was mesmerising and the kids had fun and our volunteer that went along the trail to take photos had a wail of a time.

Feedback from senior managers is as follows:

“It’s got to have been the best ever Library reopening! I’ve never seen the library so vibrant with a real cross section of local residents in there, many joining the library for the first time; and the cultural space was brimming with activity. It’s a credit to all your planning and problem solving that it all went so smoothly today, and for managing all those inevitable last minute changes. Feedback from all levels was that it really set the standard in library opening events”