Boo the Bigfoot Bunny learns to surf safely

Boo, the Bigfoot Bunny, is so excited to play games, watch videos and find out information on the new family tablet. But Boo soon finds it all a bit overwhelming – “Should I click on the message that keeps popping up?” How can Boo find the right video to watch and what about the people that are being unkind to each other on Boo’s favourite game? Can you help Boo make the right decisions when using the internet safely?

The internet is a brilliant tool full of many exciting opportunities. It allows for us to connect, learn, explore and play, but it’s only a good thing if it is used in the right way! As younger children start to use the world wide web more and more, it is important that we explore with them the ways in which they can use it safely. There are a wide range of online safety guides, which show parents the safety tools available on different social media sites

This brand new storytelling workshop is the perfect opportunity to introduce younger students to simple internet safety messages in a creative and engaging way. A brilliant workshop for Safer Internet day which is coming up on Tuesday 6th February! For more information or to book this programme, contact us here.