Celebrate Welsh Week 2018 with Mabinogion

“I am writing to congratulate you on the whole Bigfoot ethos and organisation. It has provided children from the valleys with an excellent platform to showcase their talents.” Robert Davies- Head teacher, Pontllanfraith Comprehensive School

Bigfoot Wales are delighted to be offering The Mabinogion Storytelling Performances and Workshops again this year. These projects have been hugely popular with schools for the past six years and provide a wonderful day of storytelling and drama that will inspire both pupils and staff whilst celebrating Welsh history and culture. Why not book one to celebrate St David’s day or during Welsh week?

The Mabinogion- Storytelling Performance and Workshops
“I am Gwydion, storyteller and poet to Prince Gruffydd ap Cynon of Gwynedd in North Wales. I have travelled many miles and seek a little food and hospitality in exchange for some of the most magical and wonderous stories that you have ever heard… As you well know, Wales in the year 1100 is a dangerous place.”

A storyteller arrives at your school from the 11th Century to bring to life a tale from the Mabinogion. Schools can choose either Culhwch and Olwen, Branwen, Daughter of Llyr from the Mabinogion. The storyteller will use props, costume and pupils to bring the stories to life and then explore the themes, story structure, characters and fantastical creatures in more detail during workshops with each class. These excellent workshops aim to develop pupil’s storytelling skills and instil a passion for reading and storytelling. They also provide an imaginative insight into the history of Wales with the stories taking the pupils on a journey from the pre dawn of history, through the dark ages, and into the 1100’s when the stories were passed from court to court.

Programme Format:

The day begins with a 40 minute interactive assembly for the whole school or selected class/year groups. Following the Assembly, selected classes will participate in more specific sessions that further explore the themes and ideas presented in a safe and inclusive workshop environment. A maximum of four workshops can take place over the course of one day.

The Programme is accompanied by a Resource Pack, which includes detailed plans of the sessions, allowing teachers to adapt the techniques for future work. Information sheets, worksheets and pre & post workshop ideas are also included, making the programme completely sustainable.

Please note that the workshops are strictly designed for a maximum of 30 students (excluding assemblies)

For more information or to make a booking, please do not hesitate to get in contact with Company Director of Bigfoot Wales  Jo White