Creative Residencies; PPA Round Up

We are proud to support schools across England and Wales by providing creative professional practitioners to help your staff in a wide range of ways. From covering PPA time to creating exciting and informative assemblies as well as lunch time and after school clubs. Our offering comprises of Drama, MFL, PSHE, Art, Music and Dance in residence; whereby facilitators deliver these subjects with brilliant knowledge of the curriculum to enhance the learning experience and great behaviour management.

We are aware of the challenging times schools are facing with recent budget cuts and so this year we have created a new range of short term, cost effective and affordable solutions to support schools with staffing difficulties. Learn more about Bigfoot SOS here

Here’s what we’ve been up to in a couple of the regions this term:


Bigfoot offer a really fun, vibrant and exciting method of learning these subjects.” Heavers Farm and Selsdon Primary School

It’s been an exciting and busy start to the academic year as this term as there have been artists in residence at 15 schools working with over 650 students to deliver the Bigfoot creative learning experience.

Take a look at some of the work which has been produced in our London Bigfoot Schools:

Oakland’s Primary School |Year 1|PSCHE  – Bigfooter Sarah Cuthbertson has been working with Oaklands year 1’s to explore friendship and how we treat others using a fictional story about ‘Sunshine Sparkle Fairies’. The children have produced beautiful work to explain what friendship looks like and means to them. They have also created their very own Sunshine Sparkle machine for grown ups!

SSF3 SSF4 SSF5 SSF6 SSF7 SSF8 SSF9 Sunshine Sparkle Fairies 1 Sunshine sparkle fairies 2St Peter’s London Docks |Years 3 & 5 |Drama | Year 3 have created some beautiful posters all about what they have learned in drama from respecting and supporting each other to drama techniques such as tableaux’s and freeze frames. Some of Year 3 have also beautifully presented their alternative endings to A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Meanwhile Year 5 have been learning lot’s about Shakespeare and have produced very informative posters about the Bard, his life and his work.

St peters - yr 3 St Peters year 3 St Peters yr 3

1 2 3 4 5

St Peters yr 3 - alternative ending to Midsummer nights dreamNorth East

It’s been a wonderful start to the new term for Bigfoot in the North East and lots of film making has been taking place with residency schools!

For Black History Month, we took the Empire Windrush programme and turned it into a filming day which was delivered at Shield Row Primary School in County Durham as part of their Black History Month celebrations. The school had a brilliant day and rated it as excellent. Take a look at the video they produced here

We also had a wonderful time making a Great Fire of London documentary with our KS1 Creative Residency group at Stanley Crook Primary in County Durham. Here’s a snippet. We have found films to be a fantastic way of developing drama and documenting learning and the teachers at Stanley Crook have said that the children have loved making working in this way and get excited every Friday. It has even been renamed as ‘Bigfoot Friday.’

This term we also got to work with Harlow Green Primary School and their afterschool dance club. It was wonderful to work with them in the lead up to their fantastic final performance which took place recently. We are proud of all their hard work and will miss them.

Dance club 5

dance club 4dance club 3dance club 2Dance club 1