Facilitator of the Term

We take great pride in knowing that each and every one of our facilitators is an exceptional educator and talented individual. However, once per term we like to select a single facilitator to focus on and tell you a little bit more about…generally if they’ve gone above and beyond for us and the schools in which they work!

Therefore, this term, please congratulate LAURA SHARPE for being crowned our ‘Facilitator of the term'; well done Laura! Want to see why she’s our ‘Autumn Term All Rounder’? Read on…

We were lucky enough to meet our lovely Laura on last year’s selection day and, straight away, we knew we had found a good ‘un! This feeling was confirmed when, during the next few terms, Laura began to attend our training days for ‘The Worry Wizard’, ‘Creative Literacy’, ‘Anti Bullying’ and our Christmas ‘Littlest Elf’ programmes. Not only were we blown away by her energy, enthusiasm and commitment to launching herself straight into the team, but we also loved the level of knowledge and expertise she brought to her new Bigfooter role.

This has continued in abundance this Autumn term! Laura’s naturally sunny and positive attitude has meant that she continually works with KS1 and KS2 students delivering a whole range of projects…no two days can be the same! From delivering shadow puppetry anti bullying workshops, to being our ‘Littlest Elf’ Pip, she now has a mountain of costumes and characters to play, as well as workshops to remember/ However, she appears to do so with ease as, so far, we have had nothing but 100% outstanding feedback from the schools with whom she has worked!

Laura; we want you to know how much we appreciate all that you do on our behalf; you are fun, engaging, and a credit to us…and your wonderfully animated facial expressions are just one of the reasons why we salute you! 😉

Thank you for continuing to be a fantastic role model for Bigfoot and we look forward to many more successful terms ahead working with you!