Hove Junior; Poetry in Motion!

The PTA at Hove Junior School recently made it possible for the school to enjoy a visit from us with our Performance Poetry programme ‘Now That’s What I Call Poetry’. All year groups watched a brilliant interactive assembly, learning about great poets and their work, inspiring the children to put pen to paper and write their own poems!

All Year 3 and 5 classes each then participated in a drama workshop over the course of two days, where they worked together to create and perform their own poems! Our Bigfooter Roxanne was SO impressed with how the classes responded to the workshops, commenting on how imaginative the children were and how well the classes all worked together. They created some wonderful poems and she was particularly thrilled with how many children found her to share their poetry with her.

Miss O’Shea said:  ‘The children were delighted and inspired by the assemblies and opportunities offered to them and the staff really feel like their passion for poetry has been ignited. There will be lots of poetry writing in classrooms…it really was a fantastic two days.’

We are so pleased that the amazing fundraising efforts of this school’s PTA enabled the children to have a brilliant opportunity like this –brilliant!