Following 15 Years of providing the very best live creative workshops and performances in primary schools across Wales, Bigfoot Wales are now proud to present to schools a Bigfoot original film of  ‘The Story of Branwen’ from The Mabinogion. This fantastic film can be watched by all children, whether they are in school or at home; why not order it for St David’s Day?

The Mabinogion film, The Story of Branwen for KS2 :


Our schools have been amazed at how brilliantly our performances translate to the screen! Celebrate St David’s Day right now with a rich and engaging film for your classrooms or home learning at the click of a button!

“I am Gwydion, storyteller and poet to Prince Gruffydd ap Cynon of Gwynedd in North Wales. I have travelled many miles and seek a little food and hospitality in exchange for some of the most magical and wonderous stories that you have ever heard… As you well know, Wales in the year 1100 is a dangerous place.”

A storyteller arrives at your school from the 11th Century to bring to life the tale of Branwen from the Mabinogion. The storyteller will use props, costume, music, sound effects and a green screen to bring the story to life.

COST: £120 & VAT | Early Bird Offer £95 & VAT if booked before Friday 26th February (Resource Pack included)

The film is accompanied with an activity pack, which includes worksheets and exercises for the children to complete after watching the film. This wonderful programme can be used in the classroom and at home!

We will also be offering a choice of Virtual or Live Mabinogion Storytelling workshops to celebrate St David’s Day during this Spring and Summer term. Let us know how we can help you!

If you would like to order the film or enquire about our virtual and live workshops or for any other information, please contact Jo White on