Mentally Healthy Schools Website Launched

The Duchess of Cambridge launched the brand new resource to help schools improve the mental health support available for primary school children. All primary schools will have access to over 1,500 resources through the new website which aims to help children become more aware about issues surrounding mental health and ways they can deal with these issues if they arise. Teachers have often searched for advice regarding this area, but have struggled to find expert verified information. Now this resource enables teachers to obtain advice and guidance on risks linked to mental and how to incorporate a whole-school approach to ensure the well-being of their pupils.

It’s important to have a resource like this available to schools as we are aware of the statistics showing that one in ten children experience a mental health difficulty by the age of 11 and More than half of all mental-health problems among adults have started by the age of 14.

We are proud to offer PSHE programmes which explore emotional health and well-being with young people in a safe environment and are glad to see more resources are being made available to support schools with this important issue of mental health and well-being.