NEW BUZZ DAY: Once Upon A Fraction


In this year’s SATs, nearly 60% of children failed to answer a question on fractions.

Therefore, we wanted to develop a buzz day that started with a problem solving context that is meaningful to children and allows for their naturally playful and improvised way of working out fraction related problems. By using a narrative children understand, and exploring certain nuances associated with this, they will then be able to formalise their learning of fractions after.

And with an inspiring Rap, written by none other than our very own enigmatic Adrian Benn, to help embed their learning, we are certain students will leave our workshops chatting, chanting and singing all about fractions and divison!

Curious as to whether storytelling, music and maths work? Don’t just take our word for it:

“Thank you so very much again for your services. The children (and teachers) thoroughly enjoyed the musical maths workshop; it was a great success. They were able to master the beat boxing and rapping to mathematical rhyming couplets [and it] raised the profile of music as well as being wholly cross curricular.”

(Rebecca Bradley, Maths Buzz Day at St Joachim’s Catholic Primary)