Our Chinese Adventure Continues…

We are exceptionally pleased to be celebrating the end of a wonderful 3 weeks in Bejing where we delivered an exclusive training programme for a group of pioneering facilitators working for ‘Ginger Cat’ arts company.

The full creative curriculum, developed by four of our most senior staff members, consists of three comprehensive units, 15 modules, and 48 workshops…that’s 72 hours of high quality arts provision planned and delivered by the very best Bigfooters around!

Kevin Holland, one of our master trainers and the creator of Unit 2; Go Mantle, and Dani Bradstreet, delivering Unit 3; Organic Theatre, created by our master trainer Carolina Giametta Cordes, have just returned home after having been welcomed into the fold by Ginger Cat’s new creative team. Translators, office workers and project managers have all been fantastic in making our Bigfooters not only feel at home, but ensuring they had all they needed to hand so that this incredible new year long curriculum could get off to a flying start!

With a venue kitted out to ensure the staff and children are enthused and motivated at all times, along with a series of master classes delivered by Bigfoot to give young people a taste of things to come once the programme launches next month, we are looking forward to receiving regular pogress updates.

The course will be open to all children in Bejing from April 2017, with courses running each afternoon after school for ages 5-7 and 7-12.