Our Talented Bigfooters!

We LOVE sharing what our incredibly talented Bigfooters are up to. Therefore, we are absolutely delighted to let you know about the projects that two of our Bigfooters are immersed in outside the realm of Bigfoot.

  • Roxanne Brown

Our very own Roxanne’s show ‘Mustard Doesn’t Go With Girls’ is back next month; catch it if you can!

Join Abigail on an adventure to uncover Croc Madame’s Evil Plan. When the children of Bow-on-Tie start mysteriously disappearing, Abigail decides to investigate. She embarks on a music-filled adventure to uncover the town’s secrets, topple the cabinet of treacherous animals in charge and prove that girls are made of more than just sugar and spice.

Using an original score and slick movement, (**** (Stage) ‘witty and inventive’ company Bric à Brac seek to poke fun at fairy tales from the past whilst creating new storylines for the young generation of today.


  • Saturday 7th March @ Lyric Hammersmith 11am & 1pm
  • Saturday 8th March @ Derby Theatre 1pm
  • Saturday 14th, 21st March @ Vaults Festival, Waterloo 4:30pm
  • Sunday 15th, 22nd March @ Vaults Festival, Waterloo 3:30pm

For more information and tickets visit: www.bricabractheatre.com

  • Iona Johnson

The fabulous Iona is currently working with Wizard Theatre and the DSM Foundation on an incredibly powerful UK Theatre In Education tour called ‘I Love You Mum- I Promise I Won’t Die’ by Mark Wheeller. This play will be going into secondary schools and colleges, as well as some London shows for the public, and tells the true story of Daniel Spargo Mabbs who sadly died from taking MDMA at a rave and died at the age of 16. It was written through interviews with the playwright and Dan’s friends and family about Dan, his death and the after effects it caused his family.

Iona says:

“ I’m so proud to be sharing this story with thousands of young people in London and the UK to help them make safe informed decisions regarding drugs. Some of the public performances are free to attend and Fiona, Dans mum, will be there after the performance to talk more about the charity and what they do as well as talking a bit more about her son. I would recommend the play to any parents who have teenage children as it can help with those tough conversations to do with illegal substances and provides information to help you get more equipped.”

To learn more, visit: