Our very own West End leading lady!

One of our senior Bigfooters, Lisa Jouzdani, has been performing in ‘The Kite Runner’ to sold out audiences at The Wyndhams, London. With unrivalled success, it will now be transferring to the Playhouse Theatre this summer to continue its run from the 8th June to 26th August.


However, that’s not the only success Lisa has been having recently. She has also been working with students at Chiswick School, preparing them for a small performance of ‘The Lion King’ for their Arts Award later in the term. The main focus is to add some physical theatre and animal movements to their piece, as well as become adept themselves at teaching a short physical and vocal drama workshop for their peers in year 5.

Want to hear more from Lisa about her work at Chiswick School?

Blog; Week 1:

‘We did a whole group warm up focusing on the body/voice and mind. I did a quick physical warm up working on releasing tension, and focusing on their centres and posture. I then took them through some breathing and resonance exercises, moving on to projection and diction. I finished the warm up with a physical memory game to help focus. I also explained how you can adapt some of the warm up exercises for year 5. I asked the class to make notes on 3 of the warm up exercises they could use in future.

 I then introduced the class to the Laban technique , looking at how we all lead with different body parts, then went on to talk about animal movements . I asked the class to choose an animal from The Lion King and to start to use a part of the body to lead with; how is it different than a human? What does that animal lead with? How do they interact? I then asked them to add a sound and gesture, before splitting the class into 6 animal groups to start working on the first scene ‘circle of life’.

 Finally, we read the script as a group, each person reading a line each. I then split the class into groups and gave them all parts in scenes to rehearse, before performing their scenes to each other. They were brilliant; a very strong group at sight reading! 

 The next two sessions will be me directing the rest of the movement sequences and piecing together the links into each scene. I will also be extending their skill set ready for performance and helping them create a short workshop to teach year 5.