Multicultural; Black History Month & Refugee Week

Whether you are exploring Refugee Week, holding Multicultural celebrations in your school, or partaking in Black History Month events, one of our assembly and workshop programmes will help enrich your activities!

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Africa; My story

Assembly & Workshops for Years 1-9

Join either ‘Mama’ or ‘Brother’ Africa as they share the stories that have inspired them – from their colorful childhood days in Africa, to the darkest of days during the slave trade. Can you help to
ensure that the story of their lives and heritage will live on?

Come an' see Anansi

Assembly & Workshops for Years 1-6

When Anansi is brought to life and drops into your school, be prepared for a lively story adventure! Weaving and spinning vibrant tales from the shores of the Caribbean and Africa, this cunning half-man half-spider is the ultimate trickster!

Carnival of Heroes

Assembly & Workshops for Years 1-9

Spirit has become separated from The Notting Hill Carnival Parade only to re-appear in your school hall! From here a different kind of celebration and some contemplation ensues – that of black role models past present.

All Aboard the Windrush!

Assembly & Workshops for Years 1-6

Meet Clinton or his Mum, Grace, as they wave goodbye to their homeland and prepare for a new life in post-war Britain. What will they miss? Why are they starting a new life in the Motherland? What was life like on board the Empire Windrush in 1948?

Generation Windrush; Grace's Story

Storytelling Workshops for KS1 & KS2 

Celebrating over 65 years since the ship first docked at Tilbury, the story of the Empire Windrush marks the foundations of multi cultural Britain. Meet Grace or Jakob, both passengers on board the ship from the Caribbean, as they embark on the voyage of a lifetime.

The journey of the storyteller

Storytelling Workshops for KS1 & KS2 

Join Bigfoot as we breathe new life into fairy tales of old by embracing the influence of Indian, Chinese and African cultures popular in the Caribbean countries of Trinidad and Guyana today.

The Story Tree stories (EYFS)

The Story Tree Stories are Bigfoot’s collection of exciting and interactive programmes especially designed for EYFS students. Choose between either:

  • The story of Boone the Banana who meets lots of different fruits from around the world and discovers that we are a little bit the same and a little bit different!
  • Our adaptation of the popular story Handa’s Surprise, which explores the colorful and eventful journey of Handa as she travels through the beautiful landscape of Africa to collect a surprise for her friend Akeyo, with even more surprising results!

Think simple, act BIG!

Assembly & Workshops for Years 1-6

Explore what the word ‘refugee’ means, how refugees positively contribute to our society, and how important it is to empathise with those who seek refuge in our country.