Safer Internet Day 2020

This term we celebrate Safer Internet Day; an opportunity to spread important cyber safety messages with all our children and young people. We have been thrilled to see that a record number of schools are embracing this year’s theme ‘ Together for a better Internet’ with us visiting Primary schools over a huge three week period in order to engage school children in topical conversations and activities all about keeping safe online.

With the support of Kidscape*, our wonderful Charity Partners who helped train our Bigfooters  ahead of this year’s bookings, our assemblies and workshops have grown in strength and breadth since last year. With our incredible Bigfoot bunny ‘Boo’ making his digital debut with a brand new animation made specially for EYFS and KS1, we were confident that this year’s impact would be vast,

Thank you to all our incredible schools that have invited us into their halls to bring this important message home for their children. And if you would like us to visit your school or education setting, there’s still time; we offer our Internet Safety programmes throughout the whole year. Visit our dedicated page to learn more about the range of programmes we have on offer HERE.

What schools say about our Safer Internet Day programmes:

Our Bigfooter was fantastic at engaging the children at their level;hey had discussion techniques that got them thinking deeply and empathising with characters suffering from cyber bullying. Children were enthusiastic but also took it seriously and this impacted their learning. (Marina Jones, Earlsfield Primary on Cyber Safety Workshops)

If you are looking for an engaging, fun, educational workshops for your pupils then this is the programme for you. Our children have learnt some strong meaningful messages regarding cyber safety which we believe we stick in their minds for a long time. (Redriff Primary on Caught in the Net)

A fun, active way to learn key messages about internet safety. (Grimsdyke Primary on Be a Smarty)

A fun and engaging way to promote e-safety. Children will have the opportunity to discuss issues in an open and honest space with well-educated facilitators. (The Hayes Primary on Boo Gets Cyber Smart)

*Kidscape Partnership; We continue to support each others work through training and advocacy, and are delighted to be able to donate £10 for each and every booking made for both our anti bullying and cyber safety programmes. Please do find out more about the work Kidscape do, the incredible resources they have available for schools and communities, as well as how they can help support your children, by CLICKING HERE.