St. Peter’s London Docks – Staff Flash Mob

Before Christmas we were pleased to join St. Peter’s London Docks for a very special final assembly. Our Bigfooter, Sarah Cuthbertson, is St. Peter’s Bigfoot Drama faciliator in residence and works with the school delivering engaging and exciting drama based lessons to support and enrich the curriculum. For the last assembly before term, Sarah worked with all the staff to direct and choreograph an experience for all to remember. The teachers of St. Peter’s executed quite possibly the best flash mob Bigfoot has ever seen! Caught by surprise, the students were thrilled to see their teachers all up at the front giving them the perfect send off before the end of term. An amazing way to celebrate all the hard work achieved by everybody and a lovely way to end the term. Take a look at the fantastic staff flash mob here

Creative Residency work 

Also whilst in residence with St. Peters, Year 3 have created some beautiful posters all about what they have learned in drama from respecting and supporting each other to drama techniques such as tableaux’s and freeze frames. Some of Year 3 have also beautifully presented their alternative endings to A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Meanwhile Year 5 have been learning lot’s about Shakespeare and have produced very informative posters about the Bard, his life and his work.

St Peters year 3 St peters - yr 3 St Peters yr 3 1 2 3 4