SUCCESS UPDATE: BIG Election Campaign

On Thursday 8 June Rachel Adamson worked with the Year 5 children at Hetton Lyons Primary School near Sunderland. The programme explored what is democracy, the role of government and the children discussed the kind of world they want to live in before working in teams to create their own political parties and election campaign. They then presented back their ideas to the rest of the class and there was a vote to decide who they wanted to rule the country.

The ‘Helpful Party’ won from the morning session and ‘The SOS Party’ in the afternoon.

Bigfooter Rachel was really impressed by how kind and caring the students were and loved the motto they created, “I’m voting for honesty.” The teachers were overwhelmed by how mature and intelligent the children were as well; it was such a successful day and the children were a real credit to their school.

Nice work Rachel and all the children at Hetton Lyons; it goes to show how, from such a  young age, we can engage and enthuse our children about the power of democracy and how important it is to have a say in their future!

Just three of the many images which highlight exactly how our children feel about the changes they would like to see in our country; move over Theresa May! :)