The BEST moments you can experience as facilitiators

There are many memorable and funny moments that  facilitators experience when they visit a school but then there are some moments that simply shine from the rest.

Here are a some of the best moments some of our facilitators have had:

1) When the quietest kid in the class at the start of term decides to take a big role in ‘Play in A day’ and executes it with boundless energy and confidence by the end! Priceless!

2) A teacher says “children thought they were having fun but we knew they were learning”.

3) When a child who becomes distressed because they’ve forgotten their line finds the confidence to remain on stage because they know “the show must go on” and delivers a beautiful performance which leaves you feeling nothing but proud.

4) When teachers let you know at the end of the day that you delivered a “brilliant performance” as well as engaged the whole school and made them laugh.

5) During summer school when a parent comes up to you and lets you know that their son who didn’t think drama was for boys is now going to pick drama as a subject at school because they enjoyed it so much!

6)When teachers are still talking about your assembly the very next day and say you’ve made their “Black History Week the best yet!”

7) When a class expect you not to know the latest dance move (The Dab) or the latest game out (Pokémon Go) until you show them that you do, leaving them speechless and gaining all their respect enabling you to deliver a great class for them to enjoy (Shakespeare).