The Worry Wizard; Partnership going from strength to strength…

Our journey with the wonderful Worry Wizard continues to progress with passion, commitment and enthusiasm. We are therefore thrilled to share with you a short film that demonstrates the impact this unique programme has on its participants and celebrates the fact that, with a little Courage, Compassion, Community and Imagination, we can help children’s Wellbeing Shine:

The Worry Wizard programme seeks to harness the power that young people have to look after their mental health and Wellbeing themselves. By equipping them with simple techniques that they can employ should they have Worries, children can develop practical tools, such as ‘talking to a friend’, ‘playing a fun game’, ‘cuddling up with my big sister’ or ‘reading my favourite book’ to help alleviate the pain and pressure caused by Worries.

It is our hope that, by spreading the message that ‘We all have Worries, we are not alone’ children will realise that they can reach out to others should they need to. We want to start conversations about Worries, anxieties, and concerns so that we raise resilient and resourceful young people who know how to rebalance their Wellbeing if and when they need to.

If you would like your school to be part of our Mental Health revolution, we would love to visit you with one of our Worry Wizard programmes. CLICK HERE to read more or contact us to find out about availability in your region; we look forward to working with you!

A huge thank you to the following who helped create this short film:

Staff and Students at Oakfield Primary Academy. With special thanks to Samantha Murray, Claire Wade and Joe Ganley.

Kai Zammit from Smoke Screen Visuals for his super film wizardry (see what we did there?!)

Amy Smythe, our Worry Wizard, whose passion for children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing shines through in the work of all our Bigfooters. Learn more about Amy Smythe and The Worry Wizard, as well as all the wonderful work she is a part of, HERE