We are extremely delighted to be working in Bejing, China for the next three weeks delivering an exclusive training programme for our exciting new ‘Creative Curriculum’ in collaboration with GengXing’s ‘Ginger Cat’ company.

The full curriculum consists of three Units and 48 workshops…that’s 72 hours of high quality arts provision planned and delivered by the very best Bigfooters around!

Kevin Holland, one of our master trainers and the creator of Unit 2; Go Mantle, is in China now working with 8 new recruits from both the UK and China, to ensure the children taking part in Ginger Cat’s new venture receive the very best introduction and progression in the arts.

With a venue kitted out to ensure the staff and children are enthused and motivated at all times, along with an exciting yet robust year long curriculum, we are looking forward to getting started. The course will be open to children in Bejing from April 2017, with courses running each afternoon after school for ages 5-7 and 7-12.

Watch this space for more news to come!