TRANSITION; Top Tips and FREE resources!

At Bigfoot we have always been committed to supporting students through times of transition, from Early Years to KS1, and KS2 to secondary. In 2011 the coalition government even ring-fenced 50 million pounds to be spent on giving disadvantaged students  the opportunity to participate in targeted summer school programmes designed to tackle the many issues involved with moving schools.

However, in recent years, Primary and Secondary schools have been left to try and fill this gap themselves, and to find new and inventive ways to explore this really important life change with their students.

As Lloyd Burgess , Editor of Teachwire, recently commented:

‘While all transitions have their inherent issues, there’s something unique about the leap from primary to secondary. / There’s a lot to take in, and of course you want to prepare them for the expectations of secondary school without scaring the living daylights out of them./ In fact, you want to have them looking forward to what’s to come, as well as giving them a fond send-off they’ll remember.’

Therefore, not only are we happy to signpost you to Teachwire’s TOP FIVE TIPS for secondary transition, the link for which can be found below, we are also pleased to provide you with our own resource pages to be used in the classroom:



Finally, we would like to offer ALL schools 10% off any transition booking of  our ‘Upwards & Onwards’ 1 hour play and/or ‘Big Steps’ workshops, to take place in either June, July or September 2017.

So if you’ve been busily preparing for the end of the school year and haven’t yet thought about what you can practically do to support your year 6s (or indeed Reception or Year 2) please make the most of our expertise and allow our big helping hand (or foot!)  to get involved!