Wandsworth breaths cleaner air!

We are really excited to share with you details about a recent collaboration that took place this year in Wandsworth…

Bigfoot was commissioned by Wandsworth Regulatory Services Partnership in June to create and deliver a series of interactive assemblies and workshops in schools and community groups across the borough in celebration of Clean Air Day 2018. The aim of the project was to encourage children and their families to consider the impact the everyday decisions they make have on the environment and to pledge to make more positive choices in the future. And, as expected, it was a resounding success, with high praise flooding in from several of the schools and community groups that took part!

“This was a brilliant workshop which challenged our Guides to critically think about the environment – in relation to the impact that they make themselves and well as well the bigger picture, both currently and in the future. The workshop was engaging, thought provoking and fun – the perfect combination! The guides were very engaged, enthusiastic and enjoyed the session immensely!” (Jess Rolland, Girl guide leader 17th Battersea Power Station Guide Unit)

“All the children were completely involved and were made to feel confident to express their ideas.” (Heather Pryor, Teacher, St Michael’s C of E Southfields)

Lisa Jouzdani, one of our talented Bigfooters and lead facilitator on the ‘Cleaner air’ project, had this to say:

“This project has gone down so well with everyone who took part. However, I think what’s been really significant throughout is that the children in every school I visited already knew about the subject matter and were fully aware of how we should be caring for our planet! They were full of personal knowledge on the subject and so passionate. It was amazing to feel inspired by them and to see that the younger generation are making choices daily to help our clean air and, essentially, help save our planet.

I enjoyed each and every group, but the one that left me feeling really inspired was Wandsworth Brownies, at The Rose community centre. There’s a real sense of social conscience there and I felt that they all had very strong feelings about looking after their community, and helping inform others about how they should think more about our environment, and what action we can take to save the planet we live on. They talked about pollution in the local park , and how the adults need to take responsibility for their litter to protect the children on the estate. They had so much passion and really enjoyed having the opportunity to voice their thoughts and create drama pieces to communicate their messages. I left inspired by them!”