“A team of highly professional staff who are adept at putting young people at ease and getting the best from them” Joanna Green, Emmanuel School

Bigfoot Facilitators are a team of carefully selected and meticulously trained arts and education specialists. Many are working professionals in the various industries of theatre, music or art and all have a passion for working with children and young people and a talent for enhancing the curriculum through a creative approach to learning.


In order to ensure that we recruit only the most talented individuals, prospective facilitators are first taken through a rigorous recruitment process. Firstly, every candidate submits a thorough application form in line with Safer Recruitment guidelines, if successful they will then be invited to a practical ‘Interview and Selection’ session. On this recruitment day we:

  • Observe them teaching a one hour workshop
  • Meet with them for an interview
  • Ask them to submit a themed lesson plan

Safer Recruitment Checks

We ensure that the following is in place for all Bigfoot Facilitators before they are able to work for us:

  • An clear, enhanced DBS check
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • References from two previous employers, one of which must have observed them working with children
  • Signed agreement of our medical history, equal opportunities, child protection and confidentiality forms. To see a copy of our forms please CLICK HERE.


Those who are successful are then required to attend the Bigfoot Induction Course. This three day training programme is extremely thorough and as well as gaining an in-depth understanding of Bigfoot programmes and our methodology, participants are also trained in:

  • Facilitation Technique
  • Behaviour Management Skills
  • Safeguarding
  • Health and Safety
  • The National Curriculum and how Bigfoot fits into it

It gave me a comprehensive understanding of the power of a drama workshop and how I can unlock and harness that from a professional and educational perspective” Bigfoot Facilitator


Before working for Bigfoot, all Facilitators are required to shadow a Bigfoot Mentor in their Creative Residency (PPA Cover) booking. We feel that this is an essential part of the training process as it allows them to observe a Facilitator who has been specifically chosen for their skill and adherence to good practice before taking on a class of their own. They are also given the chance to facilitate a short part of the class under guidance from their Mentor. The Mentor continues to offer advice and support to the newly trained facilitator throughout their first year of work.

“I always enjoy working with Big Foot because the facilitators are so friendly and animated.” Simone Stocks, Acton High School