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Each month we invite Bigfooters, teachers, students, and parents to share with us work created on behalf of Bigfoot in your school. So if you are proud of what you’ve achieved, and want to tell everyone else about it, please email lizzie@bigfootartseducation.co.uk who will ensure it is shared and celebrated here.

Poppy (pictured) has just completed her pack based on our favourite wizard 'Harry Potter' and so has received a much deserved stamp for her CU passport; well done Poppy!

Brother and sister, Ben and Beatrice completed their CU activity pack in 2015 and have been awarded their stamps for some really great and inspirational work. Their favorite section was the activity called 'Changing Direction'- Beatrice had Cinderella learning karate, and Ben had the team in Big Hero 6 going on a crime spree and ending up in prison!

Ariana did some wonderful work based on 'Home' by redesigning costumes and retelling the story's ending


Joshua researched 'Star Wars' and brought the story and characters to life through story-boarding the film and craeting character profiles.