Literacy; Book Weeks & World Book Day

Our literacy programmes are perfect for your school’s reading celebrations, whether that be to celebrate World Book Day, book weeks across the UK, or as special treat any time throughout the year. Bigfoot are proud to have on offer a wide range of literacy programmes to suit every topic, theme and school!

To find out more about our 2024 ‘CREATIVE LITERACY’ offer, as well as which of the programmes listed are available in your region, please click on the relevant enquiry forms and fliers below:


‘The BIG Experience’ (1 hour) for KS1 & KS2

What really happened to the 3 Little Pigs?!  You are invited for ‘Jury Service’ for the trial of Alexander T Wolf. Meet Judge Chief as she unpicks the evidence with some help from the police, CCTV footage, as well as the three little piggies themselves. Hear straight from the horse’s (well, the Wolf’s!) mouth, his version of events, before you are left to decide; is he guilty or not guilty?!

Come and explore with us ‘The True Story of the Three Little Pigs’, a highly imaginative and universally acclaimed book by Jon Scieszka. By completely re-imagining the age old classic tale, our Bigfooters will delight and enthral your students throughout this fun fuelled literary adventure!


Workshops for KS1 & KS2

This hugely unique and inspiring programme has been designed to celebrate all things poetry! From learning about famous poems, to exploring the talents of their authors, this workshop will enable children of all ages to engage with contemporary and classic poems, as well as create and perform their very own poetry.


Workshops for KS2

Using contemporary rap and hip hop beats students will discover how to connect with Elizabethan language by smashing apart the iambic pentameter and learning to articulate Shakespeare in a fresh and exciting new way!


Workshops for Years KS1 & KS2

Do you and your students have what it takes to create a play in a day?! This is an excellent opportunity for the whole school or year to enjoy a group storytelling experience by exploring a variety of characters, locations and plots to create a unique piece of devised theatre…in just one day! Bigfoot are proud to offer schools NINE options on which to base their play in a day…



Assembly* & Workshops for KS1 & KS2

When Anansi is brought to life and drops into your school, be prepared for a lively story adventure! Weaving and spinning colourful tales from the shores of the Caribbean and Africa, this cunning half man- half spider is a well-known story character and the ultimate trickster.

*Please note that the live assembly is replaced by a filmed storytelling of Anansi tales in regions of ‘The North’ and ‘Wales’.


Assembly & Workshops for KS1 & KS2

From warm and colourful childhood days spent with friends, to the darkest of days during the slave trade, be prepared to smile, laugh, and even cry as Mama Africa shares with you with the stories of her ancestors; can you help to ensure that the story of their lives and heritage will live on?

*Please note that the live assembly is replaced by a filmed storytelling of Anansi tales in regions of ‘The North’ and ‘Wales’.


Workshops for KS1 & KS2

These popular ‘specialist buzz’ days are a perfect introduction to William Shakespeare and his most famous texts, highlighting the importance of his legacy to storytelling and literature.

MABINOGION**Wales Only**

Performance & Workshops for KS1 & KS2

A storyteller arrives at your school from the 11th Century to bring to life a tale from the Mabinogion. Schools can choose either Culhwch and Olwen, Branwen, Daughter of Llyr  from the Mabinogion.


A Storytelling Experience for EYFS

The story tree is the tallest tree in the universe. It’s where every story ever told has been whispered. The story tree can hear all the stories in the world and remembers the wonderful ones it likes…


Interactive ‘In Role’ Workshops for KS2

It’s Miss Parsniperwick’s first day teaching at Hogwarts and you are the young wizards in her class. Take part in spell-making lessons, create potions and wand control. A fun, interactive workshop that explores how JK Rowling uses magic to enthuse the reader in her Harry Potter stories.


Interactive ‘In Role’ Workshops for EYFS & KS1

Children are invited to join Madam Dragon on their first day at Dragon Training School. Together they sing songs and carry out physical tasks such as ‘roaring’ and ‘flapping wings’ before they go on to explore the special skills of other famous dragons and how they’ve come to celebrate their unusual talents through interactive story telling.



Interactive Workshops for KS2

Sometimes it can be hard to engage with Shakespearean text. Lots of long words, complicated stories, and characters that just don’t seem very relevant….Until now! Using rap, stage combat and street dance, students will take the prologue from Romeo and Juliet and bring it to life like it has never been seen before. Perhaps Shakespeare and hip-hop aren’t that different after all?

GOLDILOCKS ON TRIAL**North East only**

‘The BIG Experience’ (1 hour) for KS1 & KS2

Following the success of Wolf on Trial, you are invited into Judge Knowitall’s Court Room to hear the case against Goldilocks as she is charged with trespassing, theft and criminal damage at the home of The Three Bears. Is Goldilocks really as sweet and innocent as she seems? Should she be punished for her lawbreaking behaviour? Unpick the evidence and listen to both sides of the story before you decide the verdict. Her fate is in your hands!