“The Educator was very knowledgeable. She had a good relationship with the students and she taught them a lot. I can’t wait to book her again” Serena Harrington, Alperton

  • How much work is there available?

This changes every term so it’s always a hard question to answer! However, all new Educators should expect to start off slowly and gradually build up the amount of work that they take on each term. The average amount of work that our Educators take on per week is 2 days, however, there are some with 5 days per week and others who only work every so often. Bigfoot work is very seasonal with some very busy and some very quiet times of the year, but, the amount of work that will be offered to you will ultimately depend on your availability, the number of additional programmes that you have chosen to train up in and the areas that you are able to travel to.

  • Do you have any work in the school holidays?

We do a very small amount of work in the holidays so you should never rely on us for work during these times.

  • I’m an actor/musician – what happens if I get an audition?

Although we value commitment extremely highly we understand that auditions happen and there is a cover process in place to help you out with this. However, please note that the Educators who get the least cover will also get the most bookings offered to them.

  • What are the requirements to work for you? Do I need a PGCE?

We require you to have considerable experience of delivering drama workshops in the primary school sector, but it is definitely not necessary for you to have a PGCE qualification

  • Will I be teaching by myself or team teaching?

The majority of the time you will be teaching by yourself. Occasionally we run programmes where two Bigfooters will teach at the same time, but this is rare

  • I can’t commit to a regular booking, is this ok?

Absolutely, a lot of the Educators on our books will only ever work on an ad hoc basis

  • How much notice will I get before a booking?

This is completely dependent on the booking in question and the types of programmes that you wish to deliver.  The nature of some of our programmes means you could get over a month’s notice, whereas others may come in right at the last minute