Creative Achievers

Bigfoot’s ‘Creative Achievers’ programme offers schools a way to creatively engage with students who may be struggling to succeed or achieve more within a standard statutory learning environment.

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Let’s face it, we are all different. Some of us are better at Maths and English
than others, and some of us have an innate ability to shine and demonstrate
talents through the arts… that’s where we come in!
Our experienced educators are here to help your whole school become
part of the Bigfoot creative learning experience. From working with small
targetted groups, to leading whole year group intervention projects, our
Bigfooters are equipped with excellent curriculum knowledge, flexibility,
great behaviour management and, of course, drama skills in abundance.

Who Are Creative Achievers?

Bigfoot’s ‘Creative Achievers’ programme offers schools a unique way to engage with
students who may benefit from a fresh new approach to learning. In our experience,
if a child is enjoying the work, they will engage with it.
Working with either whole classes or smaller targeted groups, our aim is to provide
schools with a fun, friendly and flexible way to enrich the curriculum and raise
Our methodology is simple; we take the aims and objectives of the school, along with
the ideas and interests of the students, and couple them with the skills and expertise
of a our Bigfooters, in order to help children achieve to the best of their ability.

Oracy Project

We are delighted to be able to offer schools a bespoke Creative Achievers project that focuses on improving Oracy skills.  

We first worked with a London school in Spring 2022 to deliver a series of interactive poetry themed drama sessions for a targeted group of learners, focusing on oracy, confidence, and performance skills. Thirty children participated in the sessions which took place over six weeks, working with not one but SIX fabulous Bigfooters as well as their own teachers.

We were then thrilled to be asked to deliver a second project in Summer Term 2023, working with several of the same children to build upon the progress pupils had made the year before, with an enhanced focus on spoken ability, script work and performance skills. We worked closely with the school to carefully curate a content that had impactful, measurable outcomes in a short space of time and it was decided that this year we would use the stories of Anansi as a stimulus for the project.  


Project Lead Adrian Benn commented:  

The children really valued the praise and acknowledgement for all their hard work over the project. The fact that they had the confidence to stand up in front of a crowd and perform. Watching a few of the students conquer their fears to stand up was really powerful.