take great pride in knowing that each and every one of our facilitators is an exceptional educator and talented individual. However, once per term we like to select a single facilitator as ‘Educator Of The Term’ to focus on and tell you a little bit more about…generally if they’ve gone above and beyond for us and the schools in which they work!

Therefore, this term, please congratulate Seán Harnett (North), Katie Dale Everett (South), Rhys Williams (Wales) & Samantha Pears (London) for being crowned our ‘Educators of the term; well done everyone! Want to see why they are our Spring Super Stars? Read on… 

Bigfoot North – Seán Harnett 

We are pleased to celebrate as our Educator of the Term here in at Bigfoot North! As well as delivering weekly enrichment sessions at New Seaham Academy, Seán has been embracing his inner Wizard as well as performing Wolf AND Judge in our Wolf on Trial Big Experience! Seán’s sunny attitude and enthusiasm for all he does lights up each school his visits, filling the children with excitement and inspiration.  Thank you for all your hard work and dedication this term!  

Bigfoot South – Katie Dale Everett 

Katie worked alongside our Regional Director Jessica to develop our brand new musical theatre workshop based on Errol’s Garden with our partners Golden Toad Theatre. Katie brought her extensive facilitation and choreography experience to the creation process and truly went above and beyond to make this a memorable workshop experience for young children. Thank you Katie! 

Katie is also Artistic Director of Katie Dale-Everett Dance an interdisciplinary dance company fusing dance with motion capture, MR, film and audio. Made for unconventional performance spaces her work has toured to schools, youth centres, sheltered accommodation for young people and community halls to name a few places. Find out more about Katie’s work HERE Thank you Katie!  

Bigfoot Wales – Rhys Williams 

We are absolutely delighted that Rhys Williams has rejoined the Bigfoot Wales team. Rhys took a short break to pursue other ventures but returned this year and we couldn’t be happier. Rhys has been extremely busy delivering our hugely popular Mabinogion storytelling workshops and the feedback we’ve had is wonderful. Rhys is extremely passionate about Welsh history and he is always able to inspire and instil a passion for storytelling to children and teachers. Well done Rhys! 

Bigfoot London – Samantha Pears   

We are delighted to announce that Sam is London’s Educator of the term! Sam is an exceptionally talented Theatre Practitioner, Director and Performer, and we were thrilled to welcome her to Bigfoot in Autumn 2023. She immediately made a huge impact delivering our KS1 Anti Bullying Programmes ‘I Like Myself’ and ‘It’s Good To Be Me!’ for Anti Bullying Week in November. She then went on to deliver our EYFS Christmas storytelling experience ‘The Littlest Christmas Elf’ – and what a wonderful Pip she was! The classes she visited were truly enthralled; Coombe Lane Primary School told us that:  

Samantha was an amazing performer…Thank you for coming to Coombe, the children loved their experience. 

Sam has continued her brilliant Bigfoot work this term, from exploring the Tudors in our Buzz Day programmes, to creating a range of Plays in a Day in celebration of World Book Day. Sam is truly a pleasure to work with; she is a hardworking, dedicated and talented Educator with an infectious personality and a natural gift for working creatively with children and young people. We are so excited to continue working with Sam again next term, and beyond! Thank you Sam, and well done for a brilliant Spring term! 


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