Welcome to Bigfoot Arts Education TV; a new digital platform using the magic of film to bring some of Bigfoot’s most popular Performance & Assembly programmes into ALL classrooms and school halls across the UK at the click of a button!!

Since 2020 Bigfoot have created compelling and engaging edutainment films to help schools celebrate Black History, Anti-Bullying and Year 6 Transition as well as a full Christmas Pantomime production of Cinderella!

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Be A Cyber Smart-Y


This brand new 30 minute film adaptation of our popular ‘Cyber Smart Me’ assembly breathes new life into the comical relationship between ‘Gus’ the spider and ‘Bip’ the school caretaker. With your student’s help, will Gus and Bip be able to work together to keep everyone in school safe and discover just what it takes to be a ‘super cyber smarty’?

Time: 30 minutes (Includes Teacher Resource Pack)
Individual Purchase Price: £150 + VAT

TRANSITION; Upwards & Onwards

Bigfoot is proud to present a filmed and edited version of our popular Year 6 Transition Play ‘Upwards & Onwards’ which aims to help children alleviate their worries, concerns and fears about moving on to Secondary School.
Providing a humorous insight into the various concerns associated with moving on, as well as a variety of strategies to cope with it, this play presents the perfect opportunity to celebrate new beginnings in a positive and enjoyable way.
Time: 21 minutes (Includes Teacher Resource Pack)
Individual Purchase Price: £150 + VAT

BLACK HISTORY; All Aboard The Empire Windrush


Meet Clinton and his Mum as they say goodbye to their homeland and prepare for a new life in post-war Britain.

What will they miss? Why are they starting a new life in the ‘Motherland’? And what was life like on board the Empire Windrush in 1948? Celebrating over 70 years since the ship first docked at Tilbury in Essex, the story of the Empire Windrush marks the foundations of multi-cultural Britain, which raises a number of important issues for modern society.

Time: 35 minutes (Includes teacher resource pack)
Individual Purchase Price: £150 + VAT

BLACK HISTORY; Africa My Story


We are delighted to invite you on a beautifully rich and vibrant journey with us into the depths of Africa and the Caribbean, with Mama Africa- she is guaranteed to captivate you all!

From warm and colourful childhood days spent with friends, to the darkest of days during the slave trade, be prepared to smile, laugh, and even cry as Sister Africa shares with you with the stories of her ancestors; can you help to ensure that the story of their lives and heritage will live on?

Time: 21 minutes (Includes teacher resource pack)
Individual Purchase Price: £150 + VAT

BLACK HISTORY; Come An' See Anansi


When Anansi is brought to life and drops into your school, be prepared for a lively story adventure!

Weaving and spinning colourful tales from the shores of the Caribbean and Africa, this cunning half man- half spider is a well known story character and the ultimate trickster. Said to be a master of disguise, deception and illusion the Anansi you will meet is an amalgamation of the myths, a larger than life storyteller with a cheeky manner and cunning wit! Watch Anansi share, and star in, his own stories and perhaps help him learn a lesson or two….

Time: 46 minutes (Includes teacher resource pack)
Individual Purchase Price: £150 + VAT

ANTI BULLYING; Choose Respect


Schools can now opt to buy in a professional filmed version of our popular anti-bullying assembly performance ‘Choose Respect’

‘Choose Respect’ takes an in depth look at how we manage relationships, respond to conflict and celebrate our differences. By utilising a variety of characters we skilfully present real stories that explore how we can respect each other, and ourselves, through our behaviour, language and actions. What is empathy and how do we show it? How can we stand up for ourselves, and each other, safely? And how can we respect each other – at home, school and online?

Time: 30 minutes (Includes teacher resource pack)
Individual Purchase Price: £150 + VAT


We are delighted to offer schools the opportunity to once again book our spectacular pre recorded pantomime of ‘Cinderella’. Filmed by the fabulous talents at Smokescreen Visuals ltd on location at incredible The Royal Hippodrome Theatre, Eastbournethis winning collaboration brought shrieks of joy and laughter to schools up and down the UK. Created in 2021.
Can Cinders escape her grey and dreary life, as well as her silly step sisters constant demands, to make it to the talent contest on time? With her Hairy Godmothers help, will she overcome her nerves to dazzle the judges? And can she capture the hearts and minds of the audience as well as her long awaited Prince? Come and join us for singing, dancing and fun galore as we find out; does Cinders really have what it takes to live happily ever after?!
COSTS: 1 form £150 + VAT | 2 form £175+ VAT |3 form £200 + VAT
*This show contains references to The Queen.