Early Years & Foundation Stage

The Story Tree Stories are Bigfoot’s collection of exciting, interactive early years programmes for foundation stage children. Each programme consists of a thirty minute performance workshop, in which they will meet the Story tree tickler (Bigfooter in role) who looks after the tree and all its stories.

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My Friend Flo ***NEW FOR 2022***

Inspired by the true story of Floella Benjamin as she travelled from Trinidad to London as part of the Windrush generation. Join Tara as she re-tells the story of her friend Flo, a 10 year old girl who finds herself in a new country, surrounded by new people, and experiencing new things. A story of friendship, hope and determination that explores what ‘new’ means for a young black girl in 1960s England.

How the Story Tree came to be (Literacy Story)

As you softly blow, the story tree will grow, softly, gently, softly, slow, give it a wave and say ‘hello’! This is the story of how the Story Tree grew thousands of years ago to make sure that all stories are safe and remembered. How did it get there? Why and how does the Story Tickler live there? And what are its favourite stories?

Around the world with Boone (Multicultural Story)

Boone the Banana lives in the fruit and vegetable section of a busy supermarket. All the fruit and vegetables live in groups and are scared to mix in case they don’t understand each other. One morning Boone wakes up on the supermarket floor – he must have fallen off in the night – how will he get back and what might
happen on the way?

The feather, the tooth and the kiss (Friendship Story)

Tara Tickle is a very lonely girl who lives on her own in a forest. She never sees anyone! More than anything she would love to meet some friends to live with her. But how can she make that happen?

I wish I could… (Confidence and Self Esteem)

In the rainbow forest the insects are having a talent competition. The winner gets to add a new story to the story tree! Tara is the only person who isn’t excited; she’s the judge. How will she choose a winner? A tale about talents old and new, and learning to be the most proud of you.

Handa and the Story Tree (Literacy story)

Our adaptation of the popular story Handa’s Surprise, explores the colourful and eventful journey of Handa as she travels through the beautiful landscape of Africa to
collect a surprise for her friend Akeyo, with even more surprising results!

Everything Changes (Transition)

In the Rainbow clearing in the forest things are changing. The story tree wants to do something completely different; instead of collecting stories it wants to WRITE ITS OWN. Everyone in the forest is worried about this. Especially Tara, she doesn’t want everything to change, she’s happy with life as it is! A story tree tale about change and its ups and downs…..