Jessica Cheetham & Ross Drury

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Bigfoot South

Bigfoot South are currently recruiting for a ‘Marketing and Operations Coordinator’. Please CLICK HERE for more details and to apply.

About Bigfoot South

Delivering high quality Bigfoot programmes across Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

Jessica Cheetham and Ross Drury run Bigfoot South from a foundation in successful independent theatre careers. They are both experienced facilitators and run the company with a vision for devising unique, memorable and vibrant imaginative experiences for schools. Flagship programmes include Turn Your School into Hogwarts and the Roald Dahl Story Catcher Experience which draw on inspiration from Secret Cinema and Punchdrunk to immerse the whole school in a narrative inspired by famous stories to kick start creative writing, visual art and drama.

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Featured Programme

The Littlest Elf; EYFS Christmas Show

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