Literacy; Book Weeks & World Book Day

Our literacy programmes are perfect for your World Book Day celebrations, book weeks across the UK, or as special treat any time throughout the year. Bigfoot are proud to have on offer a wide range of literacy programmes to suit every topic, theme and school!

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Assembly & Workshops for Years 1-6

We have a problem; nobody wants to read Kit’s story. With your school’s help, can you and Kit try to figure out what it is that makes reading fun? Exciting plots, colourful characters, wonderful & whacky locations…and the use of words and sounds that make us want to read on of course!


Performance workshops for Years 1-6

Meet Charlie Smith, an intergalactic time traveller from the 31st Century, who has come to earth to explore the most awesome authors from the past and present such as William Shakespeare, Hans Christian Anderson, Beatrix Potter, Charles Dickens, Roald Dahl and Julia Donaldson…who could be the next big author for 2017?!


Assembly & Workshops for Years 1-6

Join Sir Bardwell as he works with your students to battle with contemporary hip hop beats and modern day interpretations of Shakespearean text in order to stage some of the Bard’s work in a refreshingly exciting new way!


Workshops for KS2 & KS3

Discover how to connect with Elizabethan language by smashing apart the iambic pentameter and learning to articulate Shakespeare in a fresh and exciting new way.


Assembly & Workshops for Years 1-6

When Anansi is brought to life and drops into your school, be prepared for a lively story adventure! Weaving and spinning vibrant tales from the shores of the Caribbean and Africa, this cunning half-man half-spider is the ultimate trickster!


Storytelling performance and workshops for Years 1-6

A storyteller arrives at your school from the 11th Century to bring to life a tale from the Mabinogion. Schools can choose either Culhwch and Olwen, Branwen, Daughter of Llyr  from the Mabinogion. The storyteller will use props, costume and pupils to bring the stories to life and then explore the themes, story structure, characters and fantastical creatures in more detail during workshops with each class.

Introduction to Shakespeare days

Workshops for Years 1-6

These popular ‘specialist buzz’ days are a perfect introduction to William Shakespeare and his most famous texts, highlighting the importance of his legacy to storytelling and literature.

Now that's what I call poetry!

Workshops for KS1 & KS2

This brand new programme has been designed to celebrate all things poetry; learning about famous poems and their authors for KS1 and 2. The workshops will enable children to explore contemporary and classic poems further as well as create and perform their very own poetry.

Wolf on Trial*

Years 1 – 6

Everybody thinks they know the story of the 3 Little Pigs but has anyone ever stopped to hear what the Wolf has to say for himself? Is he really as big and BAD as they say or is that all just porky pies?

You are invited for jury service for the trial of Alexander T Wolf. Meet Judge Chief as she unpicks the evidence with some help from the pigs themselves, the police and CCTV footage. Hear it straight from the horse’s…well the Wolf’s, mouth, his version of events before you are left to decide. Is he guilty?

Film in a Day*

Years 1 – 6

Bigfoot believes that every child is capable of creating an amazing story, you just need to open up your imagination! Join us as you explore characters, locations and plot through improvisation games, costumes and props. Each class will create a section of the story and find ways to link it all together before it is captured on film so the whole school can watch back your fantastic creation!

Madam Dragon’s Training School*


Children are invited to join Madam Dragon on their first day at Dragon Training School. Together they sing songs and carry out physical tasks such as ‘roaring’ and ‘flapping wings’ before they go on to explore the special skills of other famous dragons and how they’ve come to celebrate their unusual talents through interactive story telling.

*North East Programmes Only                                                                                                                    ** Wales Programme Only