After School & Holiday Projects

Creativity isn’t just an ‘in school’ thing; some of Bigfoot’s most inspiring work has been created by students during an after school club or school holiday project. 



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Seize the Summer (KS3 & KS4)

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You know what though Lucy, I’m starting to believe in my abilities. And also, how working as a team can help you accomplish them. We’ve helped each other realise how we can achieve our aspirations….

Our Seize the Summer! programme focuses on aspirations and ambitions, helping children and young people to:

  • achieve their potential
  • realise their dreams
  • manage obstacles
  • aspire for success

We offer a variety of formats and content options, with each project being tailor made to meet the specific requirements of each group.

Holiday Projects

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Let’s face it, we are all different. Some of us are better at Maths and English than others, and some of us have an innate ability to shine and demonstrate talents through the arts or sport. Our aim is to help ALL students succeed and reach the very best of their abilities using the creative arts as a stimulus, whatever their needs may be.

Bigfoot’s creative arts courses are designed to inspire and motivate children and young people through a variety of art forms. Courses can take place during term time or in the holidays, with each course providing challenging, tailor made opportunities for students.

Our workshops and courses cater for:

  • Low/under achievers (pupil premium, Ever6, disadvantaged subsidy students)
  • Gifted and talented
  • GCSE/ A level students

* Please visit our dedicated transition page to discover how we can help ease the transfer between Primary and Secondary school. 

Schools/organisations can book any of the following:

    • Creative Challenge (One Week)
    • Creative Camp (Two weeks)
    • Creative Burst (3 Days)

Big Voices; Choir

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At Bigfoot we believe that a singing school is a happy school. Therefore, we are delighted to be able to offer schools across London the opportunity to be part of an exciting choir network that connects students and teachers from all ages and backgrounds through song.

Through weekly classes which can take place either during the school day, lunch break, or after school, students will be led by experienced professionally trained singers from a range of traditional and contemporary backgrounds. And all participating schools will be offered the opportunity to be part of an annual ‘Big Voices Sing’ event whereby they will be invited to perform live at a summer showcase extravaganza!

After School Club; EYFS

All clubs for EYFS students are based on a range of popular children’s books, tales, myths and legends. The work develops through interactive storytelling techniques using drama, music and movement to develop the imagination, confidence, team work and speaking and listening skills. All work culminates in a sharing session.

After School Club; Primary

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These clubs have been developed to promote literacy, speaking, and listening skills whereby students devise and develop their own stories based on a narrative structure.

Courses can help support  EAL & G&T and pupis can take their Arts Award or New Era Academy drama exams to boost achievement and all work culminates in a celebratory performance.

After School Club; Secondary

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Our drama specialists are here to help plug the gap of drama provision in secondary schools. Students will participate in a course of devising sessions in order to undertake New Era exams which can boost achievement and gain valuable UCAS points.

All work culminates in a celebratory performance.