Creating & Devising; Done in a Day

With Bigfoot’s help, take a giant step inside your imagination!

Bigfoot believes that a child’s learning can be invaluably enhanced by creativity. At a time when teachers are stretched and expectations are high, the joy of ‘make believe’, imaginative play, and working together to have fun and create something brilliant, can be hard to find. Therefore, we are delighted to provide schools with a broad offer of Drama, Dance, Music and Art options, all of which can be ‘Done in a Day’; perfect for an end of term treat, ‘Arts Week’ or summer holiday projects.

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Drama; Play in a Day

Do you and your students have what it takes to create a play in a day?! This is an excellent opportunity for the whole school or year to enjoy a group storytelling experience by exploring a variety of characters, locations and plots to create a unique piece of devised theatre…in just one day!

Bigfoot are proud to offer schools NINE options on which to base their play in a day…

Dance in a Day

Groups will work on a chosen piece of music and dance style, exploring order of movements, dynamics, tempo, direction and formations. They will create their own choreography and share their dance at the end of day. Dance styles can include street dance, contemporary, carnival and African.

Sing in a Day

A singing school is a happy school! Singing is a wonderful vehicle for children to express themselves, enjoy music and to control breathing. During the workshops classes will either explore a chosen song, or create their own song lyrics, which will be performed at the end of the day.

Art in a Day

Our art workshops are a brilliant opportunity for children to make a piece of work together which can be displayed for the whole school to enjoy. Each class will work on a section of a mural, based on a chosen theme, which can be put together to make a whole piece. Instead of a playback session, a selected group of students can work with the facilitator to create the mural or, alternatively, the children can show their work in the playback session and the mural can be put together following our visit. w