After the success of Bigfoot’s Knife Crime Prevention programmes in Primary schools, we have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to provide Secondary Schools with a similar learning opportunity. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce that ‘Cut Out’ will be available for schools across London and the South to book from Monday 21st October.

Bigfoot’s KS3 Knife Crime Prevention programmes provide an early intervention approach to understanding key messages around the topic of knife crime and keeping safe. The programmes will provide pupils with a creative forum and safe space in which to have open discussions and respectfully listen to and challenge differing viewpoints. Included will be opportunities for schools to gain an insight into their pupils’ views and concerns in order to identify areas for further work and targeted support.

Secondary Schools can book the following options:

  • Performance/ Workshops (for up to 60 students per session)
  • Peer to Peer Devising Sessions (for up to 15 selected students)
  • Follow Up Workshops (class based for approximately 30 students)


‘Cut Out’ is a piece of applied theatre designed for up top 60 students to take part in together. The workshop/ performance employs fictional storytelling and dialogue with the audience, with an open ending that they construct together and, whilst the story is fictional, it is inspired by real life stories and events…Throughout Pupils are provided with salient statistics, facts around knife crime and the law, as well as details of helpful services, supporting them to share their views and opinions, whilst also encouraging them to reflect on how the material relates to their own lives. As the performance workshop draws to a close and the audience learn about a shocking twist in the story, they are encouraged to consider whether there is an ending that offers a glimmer of hope; how can young people think positively about their future and what can their school communities and wider society do to help with this?

To find out more, including costs and how to make a booking, please CLICK HERE

We look forward to working in your Secondary School!