We appreciate that it can be difficult planning creative topical activities for your students to enjoy. Therefore, we have drawn upon our skill and expertise to give you a series of downloadable resources throughout the year. Please print, photocopy and share these resources with your colleagues, copyright free!

Even though changing and moving schools can be very exciting and something to look forward to, it can also be quite daunting! Many children may feel a little worried about certain things, but don’t want to tell anyone because they feel they are the only ones feeling that way.

Try this fun quiz to find out how you really feel about transition, and who else may feel the same as you!


We all go through many changes in our lives - some are exciting, others are sad, and some can seem a bit scary. But the good thing is that we are usually not alone - lots of people, including friends and family, are often feeling the same as us. The hardest thing is saying goodbye to something that we know we are going to miss.

Fill in the speech bubbles and write down four thoughts that you have about leaving your school before sharing these thoughts as a whole class.