We appreciate that it can be difficult planning creative topical activities for your students to enjoy. Therefore, we have drawn upon our skill and expertise to give you a series of downloadable resources throughout the year. Please print, photocopy and share these resources with your colleagues, copyright free!

Here are our Bigfoot Facilitators top 10 Ways to create an inclusive classroom from creative warm ups to taking care of yourself!

10 Ways Bigfoot Facilitators Create An Inclusive Classroom

Try this quiz to test how you really feel about moving schools and starting secondary school- you may be surprised by what you discover!

Big Steps : Transition & Me

We all go through big changes in our lives but the good thing is that we are usually not alone and others share the same feelings as us about these changes. Use the template to write down four thoughts that you have about leaving your school. These can be things that you are looking forward to leaving behind or things that you will miss when you leave. Share your thoughts together as a whole class

Big Steps - Leaving My School

Shakespeare's famous story of Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy about two star-crossed lovers caught up in a feud between their families which sadly results in a misfortunate ending. Using the storyboard template , as well as the sentences to help, draw simple pictures to help tell the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet.

Shakespeare Week: Romeo and Juliet Storyboard

Shakespeare has contributed to many sayings we say and use in everyday life.
Check out the downloadble list for few examples of these sayings and see if you can find out what they mean.

Shakespeare Says