PSHE & Citizenship; Secondary

Bigfoot’s secondary presentations and workshops allow young people to use their imaginations when exploring sensitive issues and considering their own and other people’s physical and emotional experiences. 

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PSHE & Citizenship Programmes

Role-play, improvisation and unique drama exercises are used as a vehicle for young people to develop their skills of enquiry and communication. Schools can opt for one of the following PSHCE programmes or ask us to create a bespoke performance and/or workshop , based on any chosen theme.

  • Take a walk in my shoes… (Anti-bullying)
  • Under Pressure (Peer Pressure)
  • Only the Once (Sexual Health)
  • Grown up Enough Taking a Risk (Drugs Awareness)
  • In the habit (Smoking Awareness)
  • Increasing the Risk (Personal Safety)
  • Let’s talk about it (Emotional Health and Wellbeing)
  • Seize the Day (Dreams and Aspirations)
  • Families, Marriage and Stuff (Marriage and Relationships)