Anti Bullying Week 2023 ROUND UP!

As proud members of the Anti Bullying Alliance, our Bigfooters had a wonderfully busy Anti Bullying Week, helping children across the country to ‘Make a Noise About Bullying’.

Each year our range of inspiring and creative programmes –performances, assemblies, workshops and even films – broadens, helping to ensure that all children can benefit from our programmes and this important work. This year we were excited to introduce our new Big Experience What Would You Do?, which enables whole year groups to work together to explore key anti bullying themes, in the most enjoyable and creative way!

In all our programmes, Bigfoot’s World Friendship Ambassadors supported pupils to consider how we should treat others and how we should expect to be treated ourselves. We reflected on what positive relationships look like, as well as how to deal with negative attitudes and behaviour. We also explored online safety and the concept of cyber bullying by using our accessible workshops as a vehicle for safely exploring serious issue facing young people today.

We have been so thrilled with the feedback we have received from schools in response to our various programmes this year. We really do appreciate teachers and staff taking the time to let us know how their pupils have responded, and it helps us enormously to ensure that all our programmes are as beneficial and impactful as possible. Here are just a few of our favourite comments:

A fantastic assembly to allow all children from year 1 to year 6 to think about what bullying is and is not and what they can do if they are being bullied but more what they could do if they witness bullying. (John Scurr Primary)

This programme is a safe haven for creativity, where students can freely express themselves without fear of judgment and understand bullying comprehensively. (Harris Primary Academy Beckenham Green)

Inspiring, informative and had a fantastic impact on the children – really making them think about how their actions can affect others and deepening their understanding of what bullying is and how we can stop it. (Virginia Primary School)

Finally, we’d like to say the most enormous THANK YOU to all the brilliant Bigfooters across the country who work so hard to bring this important work into schools. They all work with such dedication and enthusiasm – we are incredibly proud of them all! Our Anti Bullying programmes are available all year round. Read more about them HERE and CONTACT US if you would like to discuss how we can work with you school.