Bigfoot launches ‘The BIG Safer Internet Experience!

Following the incredible success of our Carnival and Anti Bulllying big experience’s this term, we are now excited to be able to offer schools a brand new cyber version called ‘CAUGHT UP IN THE NET’ ready for Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 6th February.

Up to 120 KS2 students (4 classes) can participate in each 60 minute interactive session, delivered by two of our enigmatic Bigfooters!
This powerful interactive experience will support and empower KS2 pupils to establish positive and healthy online habits. Creative activities and storytelling techniques will support pupils to build their resilience to develop safe and appropriate long term behaviours and relationships in online communities. Together with Bigfoot’s World Friendship Ambassadors, pupils will meet a
variety of characters who explore the impact of their own, and others, online behaviour, with both immediate and far reaching consequences. The programme will consider how to have positive and respectful online relationships, as well as where to go for support when they have worries or concerns about their own or other’s behaviour online.
Schools can book between 1 and 4 Big Experiences over the course of one day, and whilst staff members must be present in the space to meet appropriate pupil: staff ratios, all class teachers do not need to attend. This enables schools to use The Big Experience for staff meetings, PPA time and staff training.

Learn more about our INTERNET SAFETY OFFER HERE!